“Reaching people before they reach crisis”

Karinya Counselling Centres might just have what you are looking for to really make a difference.

Employees are your most precious resource. Low job satisfaction leads to high staff turnover and absenteeism, costing businesses across Victoria millions of dollars each year. On the other hand, The Harvard Business Review reports that a mere 5% increase in employee retention can result in a 10% decrease in costs and an increase in productivity between 25% to 65%.

At Karinya we believe that investing in the wellbeing of employees not only strengthens relationships, but also saves money by dealing with the core issues behind the problems that lead to absenteeism and employee turnover. The return on your investment in the wellbeing of your staff can include lower costs, increased loyalty, a healthier work environment and greater productivity.

Karinya believes that ‘Reaching People Before They Reach Crisis’ is integral to a healthy workplace. Our range of counselling and training seminars are all designed to promote reconciliation and co-operation within the workplace.

Employee Assistance Program

Karinya’s Employee Assistance Program is designed to help employers respond effectively and sensitively, assisting staff members with personal or workplace issues.

Employee Crisis Management

Employers sponsor staff access to confidential counselling for a specific number of sessions.

Employer Assist

Employer Assist is a confidential telephone or face-to-face service designed to empower employers with professional advice in dealing with employee or customer management issues. This service can become an invaluable tool for preventing the escalation of crisis situations in your business. Available for occasional or on-going use, issues can include:

  • Family and relationship issues
  • Loss of family member, friend, or work colleague
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Abuse, bullying and sexual harassment
    • Stress management
    • Anger management
    • Conflict resolution
  • Direction/critical decision making
  • Clinical issues –  OCD, PTSD etc
  • Retrenchment
  • Supporting disabled employees in the workplace
  • Eating disorders
  • Team building using the Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorTM

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Unresolved conflict in the workplace is a large hidden cost to any organisation and is seriously detrimental to the success of your business. Productivity stagnates when staff morale drops, sick leave increases due to apathy and loss of loyalty leads to higher turnover. In some cases legal action or union intervention results. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Call Karinya to arrange for a member of our counselling team to assess, advise or facilitate resolving any management, employee and customer-relations issues.

Crisis and Critical Incident Management

The role of Karinya’s experienced Crisis and Critical Incident Management team is to provide professional support to management and employees involved in a serious incident. This can involve individual or group support depending upon the needs.

So how can Karinya help you?

Our range of Corporate Services is now available to assist you in creating a healthier workplace. We are interested in hearing about your particular needs, so take advantage of our obligation free appraisal. Contact the Practice Manager at Karinya on (03) 9802 2886 and find out how Karinya can serve you now or in the future.

Let Karinya support you in filling the gap – for more information please contact us.