About Karinya Counselling Centre

Karinya Counselling Centre offers low cost, professional counselling to individuals, couples and families experiencing life difficulties. Our counsellors and psychologist are qualified, experienced and registered with their national professional bodies.

All clients, regardless of race, colour, gender, religion or social status, are offered services relevant to their needs and respectful of their individual beliefs and values. Issues and areas of vulnerability are explored in a non-judgemental environment of safety and acceptance.

As a not for profit, charitable organisation, Karinya continues to offers everyone in our society a means for change and growth through counselling, support groups, information seminars and coaching. All services are aimed at providing individuals, couples, families and those who support them with the opportunity for growth, change and the encouragement needed to reach their full potential while preserving relationships and creating healthy family environments.

Vision Statement

A house of peace in times of need.

Mission Statement

Karinya is committed to promoting healing and reconciliation through counselling, spiritual nurture, life skills education and support. This is offered to all clients regardless of race, colour, gender, religion or social status.

Karinya Counselling Inc. is founded on the belief that every human being is made in the image of God and is unique and precious, with spiritual, physical, emotional and social aspects of their being that require a holistic response in counselling.

As a non-profit community service agency administered by a Committee of Management, Karinya embraces the Christian ethic and addresses spiritual perspectives with clients if they wish. We offer high quality low cost professional counselling for individuals, couples, and families experiencing crisis, struggling to find personal meaning in life, seeking new directions, or experiencing conflict or critical decisions.

History of Karinya Counselling Centre

Karinya Counselling Centre Inc. was founded in 1990 at Syndal Baptist Church (Glen Waverley), with Shelagh Wilken as its Director and a Committee of Management appointed annually by the church.

In 2006 Karinya, with Bernadette Milsted as Director, had six counselling centres located in Glen Waverley, Blackburn North, Heathmont, Hampton Park, Traralgon and Melton. Each centre was auspiced by a local Baptist Church with a Committee of Management to oversee its direction.

Our current Director is Kathy Smith and we are located at Glen Waverley. Not only is there counselling on site but counsellors visit workplaces. Face to face sessions are available (unless Victorian Government lockdown measures are in place) and we also offer Telehealth sessions via video-conference and telephone (these sessions must be prepaid). Karinya has both counsellors and psychologists available.

Counsellors, their Qualifications and the Legislation.

Karinya’s counsellors and psychologists are all qualified, registered with their professional body and Christian. They are also selected for their personal gifts in relating with and responding to a diverse client base .

Karinya complies with all legislation regarding the professional conduct of its staff, volunteers and counsellors. This is maintained by applying a number of measures to ensure the safety of all clients and children in their care; including Working with Children Checks and Police Checks.